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Version 2.9.0

What is TimeForDoubleJump?

Well, TimeToDoubleJump is a doublejump plugin obviously because of the name. Anyway it has a lot and I mean a lot of great features and extras for players on any type of server!



Java 7, 8, and 9

Minecraft Versions

Minecraft 1.8 up to 1.12 versions

Server Jars

Spigot and Bukkit


Allows players to doublejump without getting kicked for false flight


Allows the ActionBar or TitleBar to be used


Allows players to use the NoDoubleJumpZones on doublejump


Six different permissions!
11 Default Sounds with 40+ others!
11 Default Effects with 30+ others!
Settings per modes: Walking, Sprinting, and Sneaking!
Cooldowns for: DoubleJump and GroundSlam!
Toggles: Toggle doublejump on or off!
NoFallDamage when doublejumping only!
Disable doublejumping per Liquids!
Disable doublejumping in NoDoubleJumpZones!
Enable TimeToDoubleJump per worlds!

Extra Features

ActionBar (BoutifulAPI Required)
TitleBar (BoutifulAPI Required)
Trail Effects
Holiday Effects
XP Bar


/timetodoublejump or /ttdj - List of commands you can do
/timetodoublejump toggle or /ttdj toggle - Toggle on/off doublejump
/timetodoublejump on or /ttdj on - Toggles doublejump on
/timetodoublejump off or /ttdj off - Toggles doublejump off
/timetdoublejump check or /ttdj check - Sees how much cooldown time is left
/timetodoublejump info or /ttdj info - Info on TimeToDoubleJump
/timetodoublejump reload or /ttdj reload - Reloads all files


ttdj.use - Allows you to doublejump
ttdj.groundslam - Allows you to groundslam
ttdj.toggle - Allows you to toggle doublejump on or off
ttdj.check - Allows you to check how long your in cooldown for
ttdj.bypass - Allows you to bypass all of the cooldowns
ttdj.admin - Allows you to reload and look at your version of TTDJ

How to Install

1. Download the lastest TimeToDoubleJump
2. Put the lastest TimeToDoubleJump into your plugins folder
3. Download other plugins to enable extra features (Optional)
4. Reload or Restart your server
5. Make sure you have all the required permissions
6. Have fun with TimeToDoubleJump!

Next Update Progress


Planning Features

  • bStats to TimeToDoubleJump
  • Settings GUI in game to change files of TimeToDoubleJump
  • Change settings per worlds
  • When GroundSlaming the blocks under you will rise up then land
  • Save your XP stats when XP Bar is enabled
  • Toggle on or off GroundSlam
  • More customize features